Terms of service


  • OUR = landofone.com
  • YOU = The person or entity participating in using OUR platform.
  • WE = landofone.com staff and moderators.
  • COMMENT = A complex multi-media entry into OUR database, consisting of at least a text(the COMMENT content).
  • STRUCTURE = The tree-like/parent-child relationship between COMMENT items.
  • POST = An uploaded COMMENT(or the act of uploading a COMMENT), action taken by a user of this platform.
  • POSTING = The act of uploading or editing a COMMENT.
  • ISSUE = A type of COMMENT, ISSUEs represent active complains.
  • AGGRAVATION = A type of COMMENT, AGGRAVATIONs represent additional complications to an active ISSUE.
  • OBJECTION = A type of COMMENT, OBJECTIONs represent complains toward an active SOLUTION, ISSUE or similar type of COMMENT.
  • SOLUTION = A type of COMMENT, SOLUTIONs represent active(or under development) implementations that might aid with an ISSUE, AGGRAVATION or OBJECTION. You cannot take ownership of a SOLUTION without having permission from the legal owner of that business/trade mark/website/etc.

By using our services you hereby agree to the folowing:

  • Until new improvements, the only language accepted is English.
  • The usage of our platform should be that of constructive dialog and civil polemics.
  • No verbal abuse or instigation to violence will be tolerated.
  • No doxxing(disclosure of personal information by a third party) allowed!
  • The STRUCTURE into which the comments are POSTed is the intelectual property of landofone.com.
  • WE keep the right to select our users, ban individual users or delete COMMENTs, and rearange the COMMENT's STRUCTURE at any time, without warning.
  • By using our services YOU confirm of being of adult age, according to your country of residence legislation.
  • If YOU are POSTING a SOLUTION, that SOLUTION and it's intelectual property must belong to you, or the party you are legally representing.
  • It is not allowed to POST any misleading information, threats, verbal abuse or instigation to violence.
  • By POSTING content on OUR platform you understand and agree that besides POSTING a SOLUTION this content is being released under CC0(public domain), and you therefore lose any right or claims of intellectual property.
  • YOU have read, understood and agreed with these terms, and with the privacy and security sections
  • WE cannot be accused of any side-effects, implications or damages caused by the content of OUR platform, if YOU use OUR platform YOU do so at your own risk.
  • OUR platform is in no shape, form or fashion an emergency service, and should not be used as one, this is a debate forum, where indeed certain crysis can be listed to facilitate the search towards possible solutions.
Please be respectful and kind even to the person you disagree with, try to mend your differences and use this tool the right way!
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